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The Project

A fully turn key project!
    A Unit is one of 25 freehold, detached, cottages, located on a large farm near the sea coast in Petit Trou, St. David.
    After obtaining Economic Citizenship and having the title to Unit transferred into Owner’s name, St. David Agro Inc., would manage the Unit for the Owner under its Management Program.
  • The Unit is a 1000 square feet, fully furnished and equipped Cottage on a lot Three Thousand Five Hundred and Sixty-Six (3,566 Sq. Ft.) Square Feet English Statute Measure / Three Hundred and Thirty-One (331 Sq. M) Square Meters.
    The Buyer upon purchasing, covenants to place the Unit in a Rental Program managed by the Rental Manager – St. David Agro Inc.
    Seller shall arrange and place sufficient building and contents insurance on the Unit to cover contents, building repair and replacement cost, at its own expense. The Rental Management shall place and maintain said level of insurance for as long as the Buyer owns the Unit.
    Electrical light fixtures, security bars and screens, faucet and shower head, solar water heater, water pumps, fridge, stove, linens, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, dishes, automatic garage door opener and all other permanent fixtures attached to the Unit.

Aerial view of project.

Our project is in Petit Trou, St. David’s.
  • A Cottage in a gated community
  • Shower- glass block enclosure
  • 6,000-gallon water tank under flooring
  • Mahogany doors & kitchen cabinets
  • Security doors & locking hardware
  • Regular faucets and plumbing fixtures
  • Mahagony counter top
  • Mahagony wood flooring on concrete slab
  • Mahogany floor at porch
  • Roof – structural timber
  • Aluminium gutters
  • Solar water heater, solar system, batteries
  • light fixtures – solar powered
  • Aluminium roofing with baked on paint
  • Vinyl or wood windows
  • Roof tied down with metal ties
  • Automatic water pumps
  • Electric wiring throughout 110 amps
  • Plumbing throughout
  • Gravelled & grass yard and walkway
  • All concrete to have reinforcing steel
  • Screens at windows
Excerpts from the Rental Management Agreement:

  • St. David Agro Inc
    Unit Placed in a Rental Program. Upon purchasing the Unit Owner enters into a Management Agreement with St. David Agro Inc. (the Rental Manager) and places the Rental Unit in a Rental Program.
  • Net Rental Revenue Allocated.
    The Rental Program is operated as a rental pool in which all Gross Rental Revenue from the rental of all Rental Units in the Rental Program will be pooled and commingled and the Net Rental Program Revenue will be allocated among all Rental Program participants.
  • Owner Receives 50% of Rental Income
    The Owner shall receive Fifty percent (50%) of the gross Rental Program Revenue to the Rental Manager in exchange for his participation in the Rental Program. The Owner shall be paid the amount due to him semi-annually on the 30th day of June and on the 31st day of December of each year.
  • Owner and Guest’s Occupancy
    The Owner and the Owner’s immediate family shall be allowed to occupy the Unit for two (2) weeks per the calendar year; during that 2 weeks, the Owner shall not be charged an accommodation charge.
  • Maintenance of the Unit
  • maintain the entire grounds around the Unit, cut the grass
  • maintain the solar grid and its grid system, batteries and other equipment in each Unit
  • maintain the water storage system
  • paint the entire exterior of the Unit at least every 2 years
  • keep furniture, appliances, dishwasher, televisions, in a good state of repair.
  • maintain the road to the beach, keep good for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Housekeeping Services.
  • The Rental Manager shall provide daily cleaning of the Unit during any guest stay. The costs and expenses incurred by Rental Manager pursuant to this shall be the Rental Manager cost.g. Owner’s Mail
  • The Rental Manager shall gather all mail belonging to the Owner and keep same in a safe place. conveyance and delivery of the unit:
    The Unit shall be conveyed to the Buyer and registered with Inland Revenue within 60 days following the date the Buyer has paid the full amount of the Investment and has obtained his Economic Citizenship.i. All Expenses Paid by Seller
  • Land Transfer Tax, all Legal Fees for such conveyance, registration and closing shall be all paid for by the Seller. The Seller shall within 60 days of such conveyance, deliver to the Buyer the Title Deed, copy of survey of the Unit and rules of the Rental Management.j. Seller shall pay rates:
    The Seller shall pay to the proper Authorities before the date fixed for completion of this Agreement all such rates and/or other assessments as may be done in respect of the said hereditaments or any part thereof up to and including such date.
  • Owner Wanting to Sell the Unit / Notice of Sale.
  • The Owner agrees to notify the Rental Manager in writing in the event the Owner wishes to sell the Unit.

Front Elevation

Floor Plan

Price US $420.000.00 (All fees paid by seller)

Front Elevation

Floor Plan

Price US $350.000.00 (All fees paid by seller)

These units are fully furnished and equipped – a good investment.

Why Rent From St. David Agro Rental Management?

Upon the purchase of a Rental Unit, the new owner commits to St. David Agro Managing and renting out the Unit to Tourist.
Benefits of renting from St. David Agro Management include:

  • The Rental is a spacious, well-appointed unit on a farm
  • Each unit has a view to the sea
  • Clean rental vehicle awaits
  • Pick up at the airport (optional)
  • Travel by land or by water taxi service
  • Avoiding the bustle of city living
  • each unit fully equipped for cooking
  • Amenities include all clean Solar power
  • Wifi and Video Surveillance 24/7
  • Feel free to greet the farm workers
  • Enjoy the small beaches in and between the mangroves
  • Join in the fish pots raising and enjoy the catch of the day later
  • Enjoy just watching the Grenada Dove or other exotic birds
  • Security guard and dog around the clock.