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Members Of The Board Of Directors

Most of the Petit Trou land on which the Project is built belonged to our great grandfather Ettienne (Papa Way) Lett. This land was passed down and inherited by the Lett and later by the Paul families. The lands of St. David Agro Inc. all belonged to members of the Paul family. The Owners of St. David Agro are determined to keep this land and businesses on it in the family.
Board & Directors

The Board comprises of:
Mr. Oliver Paul, B.Arch. Ceo. and general manager, lives on Lance Aux Epines Road, Lance Aux Epines, St. George, Grenada; generally responsible for all aspects of the Project.

Mr. David Paul, M.BA, brother of Oliver Paul, Vice Ceo, in charge of marketing, resides mainly in Washington D.C. USA, travels frequently to Grenada.

Mrs Cecilia Paul Ross, graduate St. Joseph’s Convent, Grenada; sister of Oliver Paul, resides mainly in Toronto, Canada; responsible for Toronto affairs, special accounts manager.

Ms Jasmine Miller, M.BA, in charge of new applications and legal affairs, resides in Grenada.

Ms Trisha Miller, M.Sc. Head of the Accounting Division, in charge of banking, resides in Grenada.

Mr. Michael Paul, son of Oliver Paul, floor member, computer expert, poised to be future CEO, main residence in Toronto, Canada.

Each member is eminently qualified for his/her positions with the Company and dedicated to its survival and growth, keeping the family name and making your investment a good one.